© Copyright infringement... Beware....!

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As you know I am still very new to this 'website' business, so that means learning a lot of new things that you can do, as well as some of the things that you cannot...!!

I spent quite a lot of time scouring the internet to find some ideas for a logo for my site; I sort of knew what I wanted, but just couldn't really find it. I eventually came across a great little piece of clipart that had no indication of being protected by copyright or subject to being owned ~ of course everything is owned by someone but surely no one would mind if I used one small piece of clipart, changed it just a little bit, would they...?

Oh yes; within three weeks of launching my site I had an email from a chap in the USA, Pennsylvania to be precise, and he made claim to the original piece of clip art designed, he said, by him some ten years previous.... Wow, that's cool some designer Guy called Marco in the USA has been browsing my new website...!! Funny how I see the good in everything..! Check this article out

Anyway I thought better of it and decided to do the honourable thing and to remove his artwork from my site immediately; on reflection I thought how I might feel if someone plagiarised my work in the future... even after ten years....! I also apologised to Marco for using his work.

Another valuable lesson learned.... I am now in the process of creating my own logo; I hope no one copies it...! Watch this space.....

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