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Fujicolor Crystal DPII

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Lustre; is the most popular finish for most print orders as all Lustre prints are printed on Fujicolor DPII Professional Paper. This paper yields high-image-quality digital prints that make it suitable for such professional uses as portrait or landscape photography. Fujicolor Crystal DPII offers excellent colour tones, sharpness and image quality.

Gloss; Ideal for images that require an extra 'punch', especially when used in exhibition work or for presentation. All Glossy prints are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper.

See here for Fujicolor Crystal info sheet...

See here for Fujicolor Crystal Data Sheet...

Print Size (inches)Price (GBP)Finish
5 x 4£2.95Lustre or Gloss
6 x 4£2.95Lustre or Gloss
7 x 5£2.95Lustre or Gloss
9 x 6£10.00Lustre or Gloss
10 x 8£14.00Lustre or Gloss
A4 size£14.00Lustre or Gloss
12 x 8£14.00Lustre or Gloss
10 x 10£18.00Lustre or Gloss
15 x 10£20.00Lustre or Gloss
12 x 12£20.00Lustre or Gloss
A3 size£20.00Lustre or Gloss
16 x 12£22.00Lustre or Gloss
18 x 12£22.00Lustre or Gloss
Panorama 10 x 6£15.00Lustre or Gloss
Panorama 12 x 6£18.00Lustre or Gloss
panorama 18 x 6£20.00Lustre or Gloss